“Institute for Electromagnetic Research, Ltd.” (IEMR, Ltd) is a private R&D and scientific production institution founded in 1993 in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Electromagnetic Phenomena Journal

The "Electromagnetic Phenomena" is published four times per year.

Area of Interests

High-current Electron Beams Liquid and Solid Aerosol, Charged Aerosols High Power Radiation Antennas High-power Pulsed Power Devices Applied Fractal Electrodynamics UBW Communication Technology Signal Processing e.t.c.


High Power Microwave Generators and Antenna Systems for them Applied Fractal Electrodynamics Physics of High Power Relativistic Beams and its Application Modern Technology for Generation and Use of Charged Aerosol Mathematical Modelling and Technical Support Design Office Industrial Department

Institute of Electromagnetic Research

Intelligere naturam. since 1993

We help you design the most powerful research

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to research fundamental physics and radiophysics problems 

Our Products

  • Fractal Antennas
  • Fractal Communication Systems
  • Programmble Microwave Generator for Combined Sequence of Stochastic and Radio Pulses
  • Wavelet Generator
  • Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillators (MILO)
  • Powdered Aerosol Generators
  • Liquid Aerosol Generators
  • Chaffs of Complicated Form
  • Dispensers of Chaffs of Complicated Form
  • Semiconductor Generators of Stochastic Signals
  • Modulated Electron Beam-Driven Generator
  • Electron Beam-Driven Pulsed Microwave Generators
  • Magnetocumulative Generators of High-Power Electric Pulses
  • Antennas for High-Power Microwave Generators
  • Beamless Pulsed Microwave Generators
  • High-Voltage Pulsed Power Source
  • Air-core High-voltage Pulsed Transformer
  • Controlled Gas-filled Switch
  • Ultrafast High Voltage Gas-filled Switches
  • High-current and High-voltage Controlled Gas Switch
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