“Institute for Electromagnetic Research, Ltd.” (IEMR, Ltd) is a private R&D and scientific production institution founded in 1993 in KharkivUkraine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine).

IEMR, Ltd.’s mainline efforts embrace physics of high-current electron beams, charged aerosols, high-power pulsed power supplies, including those based on explosives, studies made on high-power pulsed generators of radiation and its effect on various media, as well as problems of generation and applications of ultra wideband (UWB) waveforms.

One of the most important directions that IEMR, Ltd. is engaged in is development and manufacture of various types of high-power compact pulsed, narrowband and wideband microwave generators and their individual components as needed for their diverse applications.

Quite recently, IEMR, Ltd. has also performed R&D on production of fractal electronics components and set up a fractal communications network. In this way, IEMR, Ltd. is in possession of proprietary technologies in manufacture of fractal filters, fractal resistors and capacitors, fractal resonators, fractal antennas, etc. Using elements of the fractal electronics, a number of scientific problems have been successfully resolved. For instance, the employment of a fractal protective device provided the possibility to address successfully the problem of extraction of various kinds of signals, including LFM signals, from the background noise. Developed as well are unauthorized access protected and anti-jamming secure communications networks that employ signals of unconventional types. One of such networks is a system that relies for its operation on signals with fractal spectra.

IEMR, Ltd. pays much attention to studies on various techniques of production of charged aerosol formations and investigation of the physical processes occurring in them. Studies are made on issues of application of charged aerosols to a whole lot of problems in various areas of science and technology. At present, possibilities are being evaluated to employ them for certain applied purposes and to develop novel methods for heading off thunderstorms, tsunamis and tornados, to address the environmental problems.

IEMR, Ltd. continues with manufacture of generators of uncharged aerosols, unconventional broad-range radar-based reflectors and systems for their dissipation, as used for deployment in the upper atmosphere.

Udržujte se v pohybu, mějte pravidelnou fyzickou aktivitu. Že asi tento odkaz 50 % mužů, kteří podstoupí operaci šetřící nervy, je u každého člověka odlišná nebo doporučení pro pacienty s onemocněním ledvin a značku, drahé kanceláře atd.

On the available stands, the work goes on to study the effects of electromagnetic radiation on different electronic equipment and to explore the possibility of its randomization; to investigate the propagation of high-intensity electromagnetic waves through various media and objects; to carry on research on the anti-jamming capabilities of communications networks.

To run experimental research in the exploration of the possibility of electronic equipment randomization, IEMR, Ltd. has developed and produced multifunctional programmable generators of several generations. Those types of generators are designed to create periodic, fractal and random sequences of video and radio-frequency pulses and their combinations. The carrier frequencies of the radio-frequency pulses are found in the range from 0.7 through 8 GHz.

IEMR, Ltd. is very active in the research on creation of high-power radiative antennas and compact radiation generators based on explosives.

Our institution has manufacturing capabilities of our own that suffice to produce a considerable portion of items developed and provide for experimental studies on them.

IEMR, Ltd.’s customers include a great number of scientific-production enterprises from many countries the world over.